Master of Architecture,


Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies, Technical University of Nova Scotia


Architect, Alberta Association of Architects

Member, Royal Architecture Institute of Canada

LEED AP Accredited Professional, CaGBC

Member, Council of Educational Facilities Planners International

Sessional Instructor, EVDS – U of C


Michael Farrar is a registered architect with over 12 years of experience working on a number of significant projects across North America, garnering recognition for design excellence, sustainable design and urban planning. In addition to practice, Michael has been a long time instructor at the University of Calgary, combining professional exploration with academic research. Michael has been project architect for prominent place-making and transformative projects such as the award winning Glacier Discovery Walk and Flights YYC as well as the urban design winning FormShift Vancouver project.

Michael provides a rigorous approach to design, beginning with a gathering of information from various sources

including site, client, stakeholders and the community. This gathering of information serves to inform and shape the goals and vision of the project, ensuring the vision is based within the context and is supported by all those involved. The design process also includes a high level of collaboration and engagement with stakeholders, working closely with people to understand their needs and goals and developing solutions to mitigate often conflicting expectations.

Michael has garnered a broad range of experience and as such delivers leadership and guidance throughout the design process, providing clarity within complex projects. Specific experience with public infrastructure and civic amenities in Calgary has

given Michael opportunities to work closely with the City of Calgary and community associations and understands the high public scrutiny placed upon such important public works.

As a registered architect in Alberta, Michael will provide design leadership throughout the project development, coordination and review of the construction documentation, client and regulating authority collaboration and overall project vision.