FAAS believes that effective, strong, and clear project management is the key to successful project realization. The office is built around the concept that project structure is the most important tool for success.
Our office utilizes distinct project management strategies to achieve project realization. James Andalis and Michael Farrar, as experienced and skilled project managers, provide strong leadership, accountability, and quality control.


FAAS is a full service architectural firm that can provide complete design, technical and construction services.
Our firm has extensive knowledge in a variety of sectors, with special attention paid to infrastructure, residential, and pre-design work.
FAAS utilizes a creative design process tailored to each project that comes through the office. Regular collaboration, team discussion, and research result in innovative, fresh, and exciting design solutions.


FAAS personnel have garnered significant experience in the construction industry and, as such, can provide invaluable support throughout the construction phase of a project.
FAAS also has experience as owner’s representatives, providing oversight, reporting, and support to the construction team while ensuring that the interests of the client are met.


FAAS provides many pre-design and construction studies that are prudent and necessary for project success.
We provide services such as land use re-designation, zoning review, project marketing material, building assessment review, and stakeholder engagement processes.
FAAS experts are able to provide feasibility studies for projects, varying in scope and detail from initial site assessment to full concept design packages with project pro forma review.